Privacy Policy

If using the service located at domain in any way, you accept the rules included in Privacy Policy presented on the hereby site.

Registration in the service requires stating user's e-mail address. The e-mail address is question is also an identification allowing the user to log into the service. User's e-mail address is in no way presented publicly on the service’s sites. This address is used only for purposes enumerated in Terms and conditions and regulations of the service.

User's password is stored in an encoded form. It is impossible to regain/restore the password. If the user happens to forget the password, a procedure setting up a new password is available.

The service allows its users to remove their accounts and all data related with them from the Service.

The Service uses cookie necessary for correct rendering of services by the Operator. These files do not collect User's personal data, do not change the configuration of his computer, do not serve installation or deinstallation of any computer programs, viruses or trojans, do not interfere with the system's integrity or User's personal data, they are not processed by other Internet services any they can be removed at any time by the User.

Data obtained from information transmitted via HTTP protocol are used for technical purposes, connected with administration of the services. Moreover, the data are used for identification, analytic, statistic etc. purposes. The data in question include the following:

  • IP address
  • Uniform resource locator (url)
  • Internet address, from which the User came to the sites of our Service
  • Browser the User uses
  • Other information transmitted with HTTP protocol

We reserve the right to introduce changes to Privacy Policy. The current Privacy Policy is in force for each person using the service.